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July is Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Practices. Smart Technology. Smart Business.  

Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association initiative to increase awareness of the value of water use . . . and grow demand for water-saving products, practices and services.

Whether your business is big or small or focused on agriculture, turf/landscape or golf applications, there are many ways to participate in the Smart Irrigation Month campaign. 

First launched in 2005, Smart Irrigation Month is gaining traction as stakeholders recognize the positive impact efficient irrigation and water use provides.

Focused on July, this campaign provides a unified marketing platform and is designed to:

  • Educate businesses, homeowners, growers/producers and other users about efficient water use.
  • Encourage industry firms and professionals to promote smart irrigation practices and technologies.
  • Position your organization as a leader in smart water stewardship.

Find out how you can get smart not only during July, but all year round: 

Resources from Irrigation Association.

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Founded in 1926, The Oklahoma Nursery and Landscape Association is committed to providing support through education, events, networking and member benefits to those involved in the green industry.

Our office is located on the campus of Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City in the Agriculture Resource Center.  Feel free to contact Becky Sellers, our Executive Director, in the office or by email, phone or text at info@oknla.org 405-945-6737 (office) 405-323-3164 (cell/text).

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